NSBE was founded at Purdue University in 1975 by ‘The Chicago Six’: John Logan, Edward Coleman, George Smith, Stanley Kirtley, Brian Harris, and Anthony Harris. They wanted to establish a student organization to help improve the recruitment and retention of black engineering students. Since then it has grown to having six regions, over 21,000 members, establishing chapters all around the world, and becoming the largest student run organization in the U.S. with dedicated divisions to pre-college students, collegiate students, and technical professionals.

The Professionals division of NSBE was established in 1988 when the organization recognized a need to continue the development of these engineers beyond college and voted to develop NSBE-AE (Alumni Extension) as an operating entity of NSBE. In 2014 NSBE Alumni Extension was renamed to NSBE Professionals.


The NSBE-NYC Professionals chapter was established in 1990 and had a vision to support the pre-college engineering students and high achieving engineering professionals in the greater New York City area. At the end of the first year there were 50 members, and strong Pre-College Initiative (PCI) and Professional development programs. With the demonstrated ability to excel at the development of it’s members, the nicknamed ‘XL’ chapter continued to cultivate successful leaders in the corporate environment.