Derrick Isaac

WHY NSBE: I’m fairly new to NSBE and didn’t have a chapter during Undergrad. I’ve been in technology for as long as I can remember but sought opportunities to network among like-minded individuals that look like me. I started as a member at large then joined NYC Professionals once I found out there was a chapter in order to learn more about the organization and grow with other engineers.

FIELD: I’m a tech by profession but always spent time in technology whether it be systems engineering, tech support or other. I’ve served in technology roles in several industries including banking, public health, telecommunications, and building maintenance to name a few.

HOME: I am a first generation American and sort of a nomad. My mom hails from the island of St. Vincent & my dad from Costa Rica. I was born in Queens, lived in St. Vincent, Brooklyn, and currently reside in Long Island.

FAVORITE: My favorite sport is track & field. I ran in high school and my favorite race is the 400 meter dash. I am an avid runner now but far from a sprinter. I hope to run the NYC marathon in the near future.