Denisha McPherson
(President Emeritus)

WHY NSBE: I chose to be part of NSBE because of the legacy instilled in me while as a PCI student at Brooklyn Tech HS. NSBE saved me. All the wonderful experiences I have had in my career were due to my passion for this mission. I have served on the Regional Executive Board in addition to various roles on the board of the XL chapter (Community Affairs Chair,  Programs Chair, Vice President and President). This chapter is of deep significance to me. The leaders of XL encouraged me to become an Engineer through high school and college. Being able to serve in the chapter that poured into me is an honor that I cherish.

FIELD: I’ve worked in Television and now my current industry is the public sector where I am an Analyst with the State of New York.

HOME: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. My family is from Barbados and Guyana.

FAVORITE: My favorite motto is  Aut inveniam viam aut fascism. Latin for “I shall find a way or make one.”